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Bruno Fernando, University of Maryland


Bruno Fernando

Scouting Report

Center, Maryland
6’10, 240
2019 Draft Prospect

vs. Illinois
1-26-19 (at Madison Square Garden)


Great kid……


As gifted a natural rebounder in terms of instinct, angles and overall ability as there is in the entire draft. Reminds me of Alonzo Mourning in that sense. Very much a throwback in terms of eating/creating space and pulling down boards. Offensively, there’s a lot to like. Decent feet, ability to isolate a mismatch vs. small off pick and roll. Really interesting screen assist and contested shot prospect. Doesn’t read the play well all the time defensively, which can lead him to get sloppy fouls.


Overall good IQ. Lacks court awareness and at times, but good passing ability out of the post. Crowds the ball handler in transition, which is a result of good burst running to the rim. His feel for put back opportunities and dunks is very good. Seeks out the big momentum play. Overall terrific feel as a post up player. Will pass on long open shots from the perimeter


Looks to be average +4 for his hight (6’10). Not great length for an NBA center.


Strong versatility. He can face up, has several polished post moves, looks to post up smaller players in Pick and Roll. No real shooting range.


  1. Feet set- Good from mid range. Doesn’t have the range to consistently make from 3.

  2. Pick Pop- Didn’t see much as Illinois played 2-3 limiting Bruno’s touches.

  3. 3 point range- Had chances but passed on all but 1. On 3 separate
    occasions didn’t even look at the basket when he was open.


Deceptively fast running to the rim when he sees a offensive rebound. Good lateral movement in guarding Pick and Roll. Does a nice job opening his hips to the ball handler when rolling to trying to seal his man in the lane or on the block. Not a “lumbering” runner. Really, high-level good burst at 240.


Definitely has the “bully” mentality. Believes the ball is his and will compete by using his God given strength and natural ability to win it. Won all the 50-50 balls in this game. Two steals, 5 deflections, at least 5 screen assists. 10 rebounds, which seems low, but it was a classic late possession clock “grind it out” Big 10 game.


Can’t think of too many guys at the D-1 level better all around rebounding the basketball. Timing, strength, angles, strong second jump - has it all. Always moving when the shot goes up, never flat footed. That’s why he’s among nation’s best in double doubles and had another vs. Illinois.


Plus strength. NBA ready body. Very little body fat. No reason to think he's going to balloon. 240 is his prime fighting weight.

Rim Protection

Not a lot of Illinois attempts at the rim in this game, but with Bruno’s bully mentality, opponents know he’s a threat to block the shot in the lane. That, plus his overall ability make him a Grade A intimidator.


In terms of strength, need to see more. In my mind I want to believe that he can just grab the ball with one hand and dunk it. Just haven’t seen it. He’s got a nice
soft touch from 10-15 feet out. He’s a very good and accurate skip passer out of double teams. Overall, impressive hands.


Impressive feet when gathering into his shot. Very natural hop and fluid motion that starts with his feet. Really good balance overall. Good start/stop and when needing to switch on small in pick and roll. Doesn’t have “post play” feet, but can definitely learn to be an inside/outside player. Needs to improve lateral movement.

31 min: 19 pts (6-9 FG, 0-1 3-pt, 7-8 FT), 10 rebounds, 0 assts, 4 to, 2 stls, 0 blk, 1 PF

Bruno shot chart.png

Draft Value: Mid 1st Round (15-25)
Projection: NBA fringe rotation/rotation big

Thomas Dee